Review: Starter Kit A for Raspberry Pi (2021)

Raspberry Pi

The biggest part of the kit is a housing for the Pi that will also hold the breadboard that holds the electronic components.

It’s made from two bits of clear plastic and four risers.

Clear plastic because it means you can still admire the Pi while it’s protected.

Assembly is easy, just be aware that the plastic risers have a small slot to hold the Pi in place so you need to pay attention. 

The only problem we had is that one riser is just a little too close to the HDMI socket for the right angled plug on my monitor.

We left this off and didn’t have any problems but moving the holes by just a half centimeter would solve this.

The breadboard itself simply sticks on the open area of the housing with a supplied sticker.

The best thing about using a breadboard is that there is no need to use a soldering iron to create projects; components simply push into the holes. All the holes in a row are connected so that’s how components are connected.

What are the Disadvantages of Raspberry Pi Starter KIT?

The only disadvantage with using a breadboard like this and not one of the custom boards such as the Slice of pi is that it doesn’t stop you from accidentally connecting one of the pins on the GPIO that connects to the CPU, which can break the Pi.

Just make sure that you double-check the instructions and all should be fine.

There are instructions for a couple of projects on the SK Pang website including a traffic light project as we demonstrate in the video above.

The diagram on the SK Pang website explains which pins on the GPIO header to use.

Pay careful attention to this as you can break the Pi by getting this wrong. Make the Pi is off while you’re doing this.

Once everything is connected, start the Pi and the Raspian interface.

The instructions assume that you haven’t installed any of the Python software needed to access the GPIO.

Start the Terminal and type the commands as printed on the SK Pang website.

Rather than making you type it in by hand the wget is the quickest way to copy the traffic light program to your Pi.

Now type the command to start the program and enjoy the show.

The sudo command is required because we are accessing the GPIO pins.

If you want to take a look at how the program works, type leafpad to open it in the text editor supplied with the Pi.

Alternatively you might find it easier to type idle to open it in the Python software so the code is colored and easier to read.