Sony Bravia KDL-43X7002G – Specifications Review

Sony Bravia

Like the similar KDL-43W6603, the Sony Bravia KDL-43X7002G comes with a stand that angles the set slightly backwards.

In this case, though, it’s much broader and chunkier as it not only supports the TV but also contains speakers.

Sadly these speakers don’t sound noticeably better than those built into any other smart TV.

Styling aside, there’s not much to distinguish this 40in TV from the cheaper KDL-43W6603 which also measures 40in.

Fast paced scenes in movies looked a little smoother, but we were specifically looking for any visual differences – most viewers will struggle to spot the difference.

The KDL-43X7002G has more fine-grained control over its backlight, which means that blacks should look blacker so contrast should be better.

Contrast was indeed atouch better than on the 43W6603, but it couldn’t hold a candle to the Panasonic P42GT50 plasma TV.

As a smart TV the KDL-43X7002G performs exactly the same as the cheaper KDL-43W6603 with all the same foibles and quirks including the same sluggish, poorly-designed interface.

One egregious quirk is that when first opening the PlayMemories app you are prompted to read the Terms & Conditions – which is displayed in the web browser as a 35 page document in small type.

What is the PlayMemories Feature in Sony Bravia?

PlayMemories is Sony’s own photo and video sharing service, but there’s little reason to use it if you already use Youtube, Flickr or Picasa instead as apps for these services are included.

Netflix isn’t supported, but the Sony Entertainment Network movie rental service does have a wide range of films. A nicer touch, also shared with the KDL-43W6603, is the ‘Track ID’ service which is similar to Shazam on smartphones.

Press the TrackID button on the remote when music is playing, in an advert for example, and if possible the track will be identified via the internet-based Gracenote database.

The Sony Bravia KDL-43X7002G isn’t an awful smart TV, but at nearly £1,000 it has little to set it apart from Sony’s own significantly cheaper KDL-43W6603 never mind competing smart TVs.

Unless you can find it significantly cheaper elsewhere, there’s little reason to buy it. At this price, we expect a lot more.